River City Church - Smyrna, GA

A Praying Life: Trinity Sunday and Prayer Cards

June 12, 2022

Josh wraps up our discussion of A Praying Life on this Trinity Sunday. Looking at the mystery of God -- the Father, Son and Spirit -- we first notice them in relationship, in community with one another. The Spirit's "job" is guiding us back to Jesus (back to the Truth). The passage from John 16 highlights how much the Spirit wants to teach or show us, and the grace Jesus had as a teacher. Josh also walked us through a tool we can use as we continue stepping into prayer -- Prayer Cards -- which is a way the Spirit can teach us (see more below). John 16:12-15. 

Guidelines for Using Prayer Cards

1 | Use short phrases to describe what you want.

2 | Pick 1 or 2 key areas and pray for those. Don't linger over a card too long.

3 | Write a verse that expresses your desire for that person or situation.

4 | Maybe once per year, add another line to the card. 

5 | Don't write down answers to prayers. 

6 | Date a prayer request with month & year. 


Building a Sample Deck of Prayer Cards
  • 4-10 family cards (1 per person)
  • 1-3 people-in-suffering cards
  • 1 friends card
  • 1 non-Christian card
  • 1 church's leadership card
  • 1 small-group card
  • 1 missionary, ministries card
  • 1-3 world- or cultural-issues card
  • 3 work cards
  • 1 co-workers card
  • 3-5 repentance cards (things I need to repent of)
  • 3-5 hope or big-dream cards


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