River City Church - Smyrna, GA

A Vulnerable Beloved Community

September 26, 2021

Josh wraps up our discussion from the Book of James looking at what the early church looked like and what a church embodies that reflects the wisdom James describes. The early church was a singing church, a healing and confession church, and a praying church. James calls us individually to wisdom but also as a community of faith to live that out collectively. To be a vulnerable beloved community and to go after those who have wandered off to remind them that they too are beloved. James 5:13-20; Ephesians 5:19. 

Josh shared a quote today from Barbara Brown Taylor:

"Like the sinner, she is to use her vulnerability to engage the vulnerability of others, in a community where people agree not to look politely away -- where mutual confession is practiced, along with anointing of the sick and pervasive prayer, sin and sickness cannot isolate people for long. Through these communal acts of faith, attention is removed from the individual self and returned to the larger body, so that God has more room to work. In this way, the wisdom of God edges out the wisdom of the world, at least for today." 

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